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Shipping cost is based on an item's weight. To get a shipping estimate, add items to your cart, then enter your state and zip code into the shipping calculator on the shopping cart screen. FedEx orders above 150 pounds will require a pre-arranged quote, email us BEFORE placing your order.

In-Stock orders placed by 11:00am Central Time ship same day (8am Fridays). Orders requiring grain milling may be delayed up to 1 business day.


If you live within the 2 day transit time for FedEx Ground, or if 2Day shipping is chosen, yeast viability is guaranteed if ice packs and a thermal envelope are purchased with the yeast. Break the nutrient pack the DAY BEFORE brewing. If an activator pack does not swell, do not brew. We cannot replace yeast that has been pitched.

Viability is not guaranteed if you do not meet the above conditions. Viability is not guaranteed on SpeeDee, Priority Mail, or First-Class Mail shipments. Order at your own risk, we will not send replacement yeast.

Dry yeast is strongly recommended for customers more than 2 transit days away, especially in the summer.

Shipping Times:

FedEx StandardOvernight - 1 business day after shipping date - Guaranteed except during holiday season
FedEx 2Day - 2 business days after shipping date - Guaranteed except during holiday season
FedEx Ground - See FedEx Ground ETA Map Below - Not Guaranteed

USPS Priority Mail - Average 2.3 days - Not Guaranteed
Priority Mail transit time map here. Use 54140 as origin zip code.
USPS First-Class - Average 2.9 days - Normally 2-7 days - Not Guaranteed

FedEx Ground Transit Time - Not Guaranteed

Note: FedEx Ground delivers to most residential address on Saturday, and select addresses on Sunday.

SpeeDee Transit Time: PDF

Free Shipping

Select items ship free, noted by the free shipping icon. Only orders consisting entirely of free shipping items will display the free shipping option. In certain circumstances we may be able to ship additional items with your free shipping item at no charge, please inquire with before placing your order.

Shipping Discounts

Orders over $50 (subtotal) will receive a $5 discount on SpeeDee, Priority Mail, or FedEx Ground, automatically applied at checkout. Orders over $100 will receive a $10 discount on FedEx Ground. Orders shipped via FedEx Ground to a business address will be refunded the cost savings (at time of shipping), typically about $3, more on heavier packages.

Refused / Undeliverable Shipments

If a shipment is refused or undeliverable, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges incurred by, including return shipping charges. Liquid yeast will not be refunded.

Damaged Shipments / Shortages / Errors

Must be reported within 7 days of receipt, please e-mail If there are damaged products, please take pictures if possible. Ingredients cannot be replaced/refunded after brewing. If there is a problem with an ingredient (poor smelling hops, yeast that doesn't swell, wrong grain), do not brew, we will send replacements along with a pre-paid return label.

Late Deliveries

Guaranteed Services (FedEx StandardOvernight, 2Day) will receive a full shipping refund if not delivered on time (excluding holiday season when FedEx does not guarantee service times). This does not include delays FedEx decides are out of their control (usually weather-related).

Non-Guaranteed Services (FedEx Ground, USPS Priority & First Class, SpeeDee) do not have guaranteed transit times.

International Shipping

We do not offer shipping outside of the US. We can ship to freight forwarders, but we will not provide assistance with customs forms or certificates of origin.

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